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Join the UWC Hub!

UWC Alumni and Staff: Join the online UWC community online!

In 2016 the UWC Hub was launched to bring alumni, staff and former staff together online. Recently a new iteration of the Hub has been launched and it's now also available as an app!

What is the purpose of the UWC Hub?

The overall aim of the UWC Hub is to strengthen the UWC community, to encourage engagement and positive action, to increase UWC’s collective impact and advance the UWC mission.

The UWC Hub does this in six main ways:  

  1. Enable users to find each other according to their location, profession and UWC affiliations.
  2. Facilitate social and professional connections, including mentoring.
  3. Act as a ‘one stop shop’ where users can find and post events, volunteer and job opportunities and initiatives, bringing in and linking out to existing channels, including social media.
  4. Enable you to discover what’s new with your UWC school/college and your national committee, including upcoming events and opportunities for engagement.
  5. Facilitate collaborations on projects and causes, through providing a space and allowing users to indicate their skills and seek or offer help.
  6. Serve as a safe space for discussions with others, which can either be private or open to the wider community.