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Life at UWC

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is one of the most well regarded and widely known secondary school qualifications in the world and is recognised by the world’s leading universities. UWC helped establish the IB Diploma in the 1960s and is committed to ensuring its relevance through the introduction of new school based syllabi at the colleges and schools.

However, life at UWC is about so much more than academics. While UWCs are schools with rigorous academic programme, the learning that is encouraged by UWC spans far beyond the classroom. Students are never short of things to do at UWC, from outdoor pursuits, to discussion groups, to creative expression, a UWC accommodates all interests and forms of expression, and each UWC offers different activities for its students. To learn about the exploits of Irish UWC students, visit our Student Testimonials page