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What does UWC Ireland do?

UWC Ireland offers life defining experiences for young people. We help students discover the possibility of change. They learn that they can help to change the world through their courageous action, personal example and selfless leadership. We support young people to reach their intellectual, moral, aesthetic, emotional, social, spiritual and physical potential.

All of our schools and colleges share the UWC mission and values, but each operates differently and has a distinct identity based on local resources and opportunities. 

A UWC education is driven by principles inspired by renowned educationalist Kurt Hahn, who founded UWC in 1962. It is an education underpinned by the pursuit of peace and justice, our founding aim. The principles reflect Hahn’s thoughts, experience gained from our 55-year history and current educational thinking. 

Find out more about the curriculum you, or your child, would be taught at our schools and colleges, and how to apply.

"One of the most striking things about UWC is the mindset – everything is possible and one person can make a difference." - Jill Longson, UWC Atlantic College